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Declaration of Independence vs. US Constitution

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Earlier this year, during his CPAC speech, Rush Limbaugh, in an extended segment, quoted from the Declaration of Independence and declared that his several quotations were from the Constitution of the United States.  Just a few days ago the Senate Minority Leader, Senator Boehner, HELD UP his copy of the Constitution and said he was quoting its Preamble, whereupon he quoted the Declaration of Independence.

The Republicans, it seems, have given up on republican governance.  True, it could be ignorance (the sins are too long and varied to be just slip of the tongue), and in Rush’s case it could be the drugs speaking, if he hasn’t kicked his habit, but I think not.  The Declaration has two things going for it that the US Constitution lacks.  First, the declaration was written to help sway a people pretty evenly divided that their government has failed and needs to be replaced.  Second, the Declaration mentions a “Creator.”

The idea that the Republicans losing an election means the end of America is prevalent throughout the far right and the far right’s media outlets. This is pretty scary stuff, since the peaceful transition of power is one of the big plusses of republican governments such as ours.  Why the Republicans all of a sudden think that our country is doomed because a president and congress were elected by a majority of the voters I don’t know.  But that idea seems close to the hearts of many nut jobs with influence, and the Declaration would suit such people better than the strictures and prescriptions of the Constitution.

The nut jobs in favor or creationism and theocracy who, despite all the evidence that the US Constitution was primary a product of the Enlightenment and meant to provide secular governance, want to PUT God into the Constitution, only have the Declaration with its “Creator” line to cling to, so pretending the polemic to chuck the current government is favored over the actual governing documents created years later after much debate and discussion.

The Declaration is a wonderful document.  It is interesting to compare the George Bush activities with the King George activities.  But the foundation of our country, the document that I swore to uphold when entering military service, the document each president swears to uphold, is the Constitution.  Trying to conflate the two — or conflating them through ignorance — shows the unreliability, the attenuated grasp of reality currently infecting the Republican party.

It is time for the sensible people of the Republican party to take back their political machinery.  SOMETHING must replace the nut jobs who have come to power within the party.  Take a stand against the weirdos, take them to task for their errors and attenuated grasps of reality.

Do we really want to be guided by people who don’t even know as much as 7 year olds who’ve seen Schoolhouse Rock?


Written by Bill O'Rights

November 7, 2009 at 11:24 pm

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